Last Sunday we played against HL Madrid in the Senior A Madrid League. They were clearly better than us, overpowered us in many aspects of the game, and won it fair and square. Sadly enough, there was that one player who didn't behave properly on the hockey rink. He was the most accomplished, experienced and fine player on the other team. However, he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'sportsmanship'. Because you must be a son of a bitch to elbow kids -like those playing on our team last Sunday, 14 years-old and around- as this player, so to speak, did. His vicious elbowing for no reason, when he had the puck under his evident control, was just a sign of thuggish brutality, bloodthirsty arrogance, and vile contempt. Actions speak louder than words and his were just deafening. 

As usually in these cases, the referee was just another pole in the rink. He saw nothing, called out nothing, did nothing. He only grinned á la Japanese and let the elbows land in our poor kids' faces.

As I said, you must be a son of a bitch to elbow kids that way.

P.S.: I'm writing this in that player's mother tongue so that there is no misunderstandings about the message I want to convey.



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