DEADLINE: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2011, 23:59:59


1 The 5-Card Effect

On Friday 4th, March, 2011, a magical effect was performed in class. The student is asked the following:


NOTE: This magic effect can be performed in many ways. If you come up your own magic effect, please, describe it thoroughly. It may different from the one performed in class, but it will be equally valid.


2 Written Paper

Write a two-page report answering all the previous questions in Section 1. The paper has to be written in correct Spanish or English; it also has to possess clarity of thought. Show me what you know; do not force to search for it through a poorly written paper.

3 Grading

This projects counts 0.2 of your final grade.

4 Questions and Office Hours

I am willing to answer your questions during my office hours.